Untoxic Assets

marx’s stock rises in the devaluation of neoliberal economics.

Culture Rover has been enjoying the following for thinking about the current financial crisis:

Joshua Clover, aka jane dark, has been turning phrases with a fury during the last few weeks, drawing on a sophisticated cultural Marxist analysis to pull the veil away from neoliberalism. Following his twists and turns as he does so is well worth the effort.

Getting to attend, in virtual form, David Harvey’s famous class on Marx’s Capital, is a good justification for why the Internet was created. Well, actually it was created for communication in the event of a nuclear apocalypse. But, in a time of financial apocalypse, Harvey’s website also offers the hope of a noncommercialized, shared technological commons in which we might study the world for what it is — and what it might be. Bloggers of the world, you have nothing to lose except those annoying banner ads!

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