The Berkeley Folk Music Festival on KPIX News in 1968

A little glimpse of the berkeley folk music festival, with Sam Hinton, Allan MacLeod & others.

KPIX News report by Ed Arnow from July 6th 1968 explains:

They say folk music is the music of the people, and different people sure approach folk music differently. Here in the University of California’s Lower Plaza we sure have an assortment [that’s Lower Sproul Plaza I believe].

Among others who appear, Mitch Greenhill talks about folk music, the always-marvelous Sam Hinton plays some “real orthodox” instruments, and Allan MacLeod performs a Scottish ballad. The music is “weird,” as one performer says, and in 1968, of course (and maybe still) that was a good thing!

One side note on the 1968 Festival is the remarkable fact that director Barry Olivier and his staff brought it off without any disruptions as protests turned into skirmishes with the police just a few blocks away on Telegraph Avenue. More of this and many other stories in the upcoming Berkeley Folk Music Festival Project.

The footage is now digitized from deep in the vaults of the Bay Area Television Archives at San Francisco State University’s J. Paul Leonard Library’s Department of Special Collections.

Watch here:

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