NUDHL 2.6: Knowing in the Age of the Virtual University

Notes on Northwestern University Digital Humanities Laboratory Seminar meeting, 14 March 2014,

With Storify no more, here is the Twitter record of NUDHL meetings.

In February, scholars Vinay Lal and Michael Lynch engaged in an Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities Dialogue about whether the “virtual university might introduce radically new forms of knowledge formation or render certain modes of knowing—or of memory—obsolete.” They asked if knowledge is one thing, transformed by digital technologies, or does “life in the datasphere” reveal a diversity of “knowledges” at work and at play in the world simultaneously? Our March NUDHL meeting continues the dialogue, and opens up the conversation to multiple voices. Though Drs. Lal and Lunch cannot be with us again in person, we want to use their recent visit as an opportunity to continue to probe these crucial questions of the status of knowledge in the shifting technological setting of the present.

Friday, March 14, 2014 – 10am-noon
Kaplan Seminar Room, Kresge Hall
For more information contact Josh Honn.

Moderated By:

Jillana Enteen, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Asian Studies, Asian-American Studies,


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