Sketching the Folk Revival

what is folk music, exactly? students entering my digitizing folk music history seminar sketch their sense of the folk revival.

At the start of our seminar this term, my Digitizing Folk Music History students sketched their sense of the folk revival. Here were the results to the question: what is folk music, exactly? (You can click on each sketch for a larger version of the image).

They will sketch their sense of folk music at the end of the quarter as well. In the meantime, they will be reading, watching, listening, talking, completing digital assignments, and making interpretive history audio podcasts based on original research.

I always love seeing what kind of knowledge and perspective they bring to the course at the start.

DFMH Sketch 14 DFMH Sketch 13 DFMH Sketch 12 DFMH Sketch 11 DFMH Sketch 10 DFMH Sketch 9 DFMH Sketch 8 DFMH Sketch 7 DFMH Sketch 6 DFMH Sketch 5 DFMH Sketch 4 DFMH Sketch 3 DFMH Sketch 2 DFMH Sketch 1

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