march 2023 edition.




  • Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, Washington DC
  • Sa’dia Rehman, the river runs slow and deep and all the bones of my ancestors / have risen to the surface to knock and click like the sounds of trees in the air @ Wexner Center for the Arts
  • A.K. Burns, Of space we are… @ Wexner Center for the Arts
  • Storied Strings: The Guitar in American Art @ Virginia Museum of Fine Art
  • Brenda Goodman, Hop Skip Jump—New Work 2022 @ Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
  • Renee Gladman, Narratives of Magnitude @ Artists Space
  • Martin Puryear @ Matthew Marks Gallery
  • Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, Autonomous Drive @ MoMA PS1
  • Blue Space @ Engage Projects



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