february 2020 edition.



  • Samuel Delany, The Motion of Light in Water : Sex and Science Fiction Writing in the East Village
  • Mary Larson and Douglas A. Boyd, eds., Oral History and Digital Humanities: Voice, Access, and Engagement
  • Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing,, The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins
  • Ashley D. Farmer, Remaking Black Power: How Black women Transformed an Era
  • Ula Y. Taylor, The Promise of Patriarchy: Women and the Nation of Islam
  • Jodi Dean, Comrade: An Essay on Political Belonging
  • Bessie Jones, For the Ancestors: Autobiographical Memories
  • Robin Adèle Greeley, ed., The Logic of Disorder: The Art and Writings of Abraham Cruzvillegas


  • Art of Native America: The Charles and Valerie Diker Collection
  • Abraham Cruzvillegas: Empty Lot
  • Abraham Cruzvillegas: The Autoconstrucciòn Suites


  • Deep State, Season 1
  • Why Old Time?
  • Dance All Night: The Highwoods Stringband Story
  • High Maintenance, Season 4

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