2015 November 11—Presenting the Past: Using Technology to Enhance Learning in Lecture and Discussion

wednesday, 11 november 2015, 12 pm (lunch), 12:30-1:50 pm (workshop) @ harris 108, northwestern university.

YouTube videos, PowerPoint, or Canvas—almost all of us have adopted some form of technology in our courses. But are we using that technology properly and effectively? Are there other resources in the growing field of digital humanities that could also aid student learning?

On Wednesday, November 11, the History Department, with support from the Teagle Foundation and the Searle Center’s Graduate Teaching Fellows program, will present a lunch workshop to begin to answer those questions. All History faculty and graduate students are invited to attend the event, which will feature the following presentations:

  • Professor Michael Kramer, History Department, will discuss his course on Digitizing Folk Music History, which examines new digital platforms to explore the history of folk music
  • Matthew Taylor, Northwestern’s Multimedia Learning Center, will present tips for using new technology in our courses and introduce some of the resources offered by the MMLC
  • Matthew June, Graduate Teaching Fellow, History Department, will explore the utility of videos in student learning and assessment as well as the basics of using video technology

Following the presentations, there will be time for questions, answers, and discussion. All of those who have experience with similar technologies are encouraged to attend and share their thoughts.

Whether you are interested in using new digital sources to elevate a discussion section or simply want to play a YouTube video on PowerPoint without having to first watch a car commercial, this workshop will be of interest to all History faculty and graduate teachers. Please join us on Wednesday, November 11. Lunch will be served at 12PM. The workshop presentations will begin at 12:30PM.

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