2017 April 21—New Forms for Dance Writing

panel hosted by audience architects @ lakefx creativecon, chicago cultural center, 21 April 2017, 3-4 pm.

Michael J. Kramer, Catherine Tully, Felicia Holman, and Lauren Warnecke. Photo: Surinder Martignetti.

New Forms for Dance Writing, Hosted by Audience Architects, Lake FX CreativeCon, Chicago Cultural Center, Fl 1 – Garland Rm.

The decline of traditional media outlets investing in dance criticism has resulted in writers, artists and publicists exploring new platforms for critical and evaluative discourse. This panel discussion will outline current and emerging trends in dance and performance art criticism and suggest un- or under-explored venues for writing and talking about movement-based art forms.

Photo: Surinder Martignetti.

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