Mapping the Internet

Mapping the internet connections

a la kevin kelly.

In US Digital Culture Since World War II: The Computerized Society, my students sketched their personal maps of the Internet in homage to Kevin Kelly’s project.

This is a great assignment for students to think more critically about where they are within the material and the cultural worlds of modern communications systems, commerce, and other systems, hierarchies, and webs of access, control, or lack thereof.

Of course, by using sketches to address this big issues we also had good fun.

I have removed names to protect the innocent (or is it the guilty?). You can click on each image for a larger version. Click on each image for a higher resolution version.

Internet Map 12

Internet Map 01

Internet Map 04

Internet Map 03

Internet Map 05

Internet Map 06

Internet Map 07

Internet Map 08

Internet Map 09

Internet Map 10

Internet Map 11
Internet Map 13

Internet Map 14

Internet Map 15

Internet Map 02

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