2 thoughts on “KMPX On Strike!

  1. Hi Michael,

    I am completing a book on KMPX and KSAN (where I worked in the last creative heydays of the late 70s)

    I hope to do it as an ORAL HISTORY ala recent Mike Nichols book LIFE ISN’T EVERYTHING.

    Would love to include your memories, crafted or linked.

    Enjoying your website very mucho,
    Hank Rosenfeld
    241 Marine Street #2
    Santa Monica CA 90405

    1. Hi Hank — My historical research contribution can be found in chapter 02 of The Republic of Rock, republicofrock.net. The person I wish someone would speak to more about the history of KMPX and KSAN is Susan Krieger! https://feminist.stanford.edu/people/susan-krieger. Her book Hip Capitalism was among the first to tell the history of the stations. I had hopes she had saved all her research materials, but she told me she got rid of some of them, alas. Still, worth contacting her–and of course all the alum of KSAN and KMPX. I assume you are on the Tom Donahue KSAN Facebook groups, etc. already. Thanks for the comment here! Michael

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