Fan of Fandom

Carrie Brownstein

“carrying the flag of enthusiasm.”

To be a fan is to be curious, and to be curious is to have openness. I think closing-off is the most detrimental thing we can do as people. Also, the idea of not judging oneself. Part of being a fan is to allow 360 degress of experience—to immerse without judgment. It’s like a really fearless step forward into new experience. There’s something that feels very timeless about fandom. It feels like the thing that’s carrying the flag of enthusiasm. It’s where I sense the most optimism. I think it’s why I sometimes posit myself as a fan. So many things can be filtered through fandom—joy, compassion, love. It is just allowing yourself to be receptive. That’s like the basis for half the things you’re supposed to do everyday.

Carrie Brownstein


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