Digitizing Folk Music History 2012 Notes—Folk, Roots, Verncular Music?

starting to think about the “re” in revival

folk vs. roots vs. vernacular — how do we talk about this music? — what do the different labels enable and/or prevent?

“middlemen”: collectors, presenters, recorders, documenters, and perhaps even musicians themselves?

“culture workers” – “memory workers”

the continuing saga of “authenticity”

the role of race in cultural preservation and memory

commerce as compared to (or in league with) folk/roots/vernacular music

conservative/reactionary to progressive/radical — leftwing rightwing — conservative – liberal – radical visions and uses of folk music

the “brows” of taste culture in relation to class: high, middle, low and the work they are doing in terms of social hierarchy and power

Musicians today making the move from pop star to memory worker? Timberlake with R&B? Madonna? What about someone like Bruce Springsteen?

starting to organize a timeline of folk revival history in your mind



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