Digitizing Folk Music History: Folk Revival Listening Mix 2

Elder Gray and the Pulaski Prayer Society, Amazing Grace (circa 1940)

Alan Lomax, Back Where I Come From Introduction, Buffalo Girls (1940)

Utah Phillips, Joe Hill (1983, written by Earl Robinson, 1919)

More on Joe Hill:

*The Joe Hill Project.

Paul Robeson, Ballad for Americans (1958)

Woody Guthrie, Pastures of Plenty (1941)

Woody Guthrie, Pretty Boy Floyd (1940)

Woody Guthrie, Ramblin’ Round (1941)

The Weavers, Wasn’t That A Time (circa 1950)

The Weavers, Wasn’t That A Time (1980)

The Tarriers, Banana Boat Song (1956)

Lonnie Donegan, Rock Island Line (1956)

Sam Hinton, Old Man Atom (1945)

* More on Sam Hinton.

Leadbelly, New Orleans (The Rising Sun Blues) (1948)

Joan Baez, House Of The Rising Sun (1960)

Dave Van Ronk, House of the Rising Sun (1964)

Bob Dylan, House Of The Risin’ Sun (1962)

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, House Of The Rising Sun (1964)

Nina Simone, House of the Rising Sun (1964)

The Animals, House Of The Rising Sun (1964)

More on the House of the Rising Sun:

* Wikipedia.

SNCC Freedom Singers, Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around (circa 1963)

* More on the Freedom Singers.

Joan Baez, It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (1965)

Bob Dylan Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (1962)

Bob Dylan et al, Blowin’ In The Wind at Newport (1963)

Phil Ochs, Ringing Of Revolution (1965-1966)

Phil Ochs, Love Me, I’m A Liberal (1965-1966)

Bob Dylan, Mr. Tambourine Man (1965)

The Byrds, Mr. Tambourine Man (1965)

Grandmaster Flash @ Audobon Ballroom (Field recording? 1978)

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