Digitizing Folk Music History: Folk Revival Listening Mix 1

Woody Guthrie, Do-Re-Mi (date unknown, circa 1940)


Leadbelly, Alberta (1935)


Almanac Singers, Round and Round Hitler’s Grave (1941)


The Weavers, Wimoweh (1952)


The Weavers, Wimoweh, Live at Carnegie Hall (1957)


The John Henry Variations:

John Henry Statue

Alan Lomax with Prisoners, John Henry (circa 1959)


Ed Lewis, John Henry (circa 1959)


Leadbelly, John Henry (1948)


Gid Tanner and His Skillet Lickers, John Henry (The Steel Drivin’ Man) (1926)


Aaron Copeland, John Henry (1939)


Golden Gate Quartet and Josh White, John Henry (1940)


Paul Robeson, John Henry (date unknown, circa 1940?)


Bill Monroe, New John Henry (1954)


Odetta, John Henry, The Tin Angel (1954)


Richard Dyer-Bennett, John Henry (date unknown, circa 1955)


John Jacob Niles, John Henry (1958)


Lilly Brothers, John Henry (1959)


Harry Belafonte, John Henry, Live at Carnegie Hall (1959)


Bob Gibson, John Henry, Yes I See (1961)


Bruce Springsteen, John Henry, We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions (2006)


To be continued…


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