Digitizing Folk Music History: Class Notes, 4/21

The Folklore of Roots Music or the Roots of Folk Music?


  • Benjamin Filene, Romancing the Folk, pp. 1-46.



I Digitization, Round 1 next week.

II Sketch and scan.

What is folk music? What was the folk revival?

What research question about folk & folk revival?

III Romancing the Folk:

In the Middle with the Middlemen

Romancing the Folk Powerpoint.

Click on images for larger versions:

Class8BoardRomancing the Folk: Salvage Anthro vs. Folk Process
Classs8Board2Romancing the Folk: Modernity vs. Folk Binary
Class8Board3FileneKeywordsResearchQuestBoardRomancing the Folk: Research Questions (p. 3) and Keywords

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