Digitizing Folk Music History 2012 Notes: The Folk Festival

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What was the folk music festival as an event?

Cohen (from Fabre and Heideking): festivals tell us about historical contexts *and also what people make of their historical contexts.*

For Lerner: what’s the “research question” and “argument” of the documentary film Festival? How might people create their own sense of self and shared culture in the machine age? Perhaps by “playing machines” in new ways? Folk revival takes place at the intersection of people and machines, perhaps?

Posen: kitchen vs. festival modes of authenticity

Cantwell: festivals not as a place of naming things, but “unnaming” them = a social space that starts in archetypes, even stereotypes, but in which cultural transformation occurs through the uncertainty of ritual exchange. In a sense



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  1. Ran across this this afternoon through a perusal of the “Digital Humanities Now” site. It was a great presentation this week. Many things I’d like to talk about from your talk. The reason I was poking around: Jillana Enteen has asked me and a library colleague about doing some tutorials/projects with a seminar she’s doing in the fall on humanities tools.

    Maybe lunch sometime fairly soon?

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