Digital History Methods Revisited

a few posts from over the last decade.

I began working seriously on digital history roughly ten years ago. Looking back, as any historian should do, here are selected essays and posts focused on research methods and a few other topics. Much more if you scroll through the pages of the Issues in Digital History blog.

Mapping, Spatial Approaches, Networks, Data Analysis

This Land Is…Not As It Seems

Revising Humbead’s Revised Map of the World

Journey to Humbead’s

Mapping Humbead’s Map Interactively

Humbead’s Map Folk Music Data Viz

What Does Digital Humanities Bring to the Table?

Timelines & “Master” Narratives

Line Dancing

History On the Line

It Goes This Way and That Way


Writing On The Past, Literally (Actually, Virtually)

Annotation Nation

What Does Digital Humanities Bring to the Table?

Glitching & Remixing Images & Sound

Distorting History (To Make It More Accurate)

A Foreign Sound To Your Ear: Digital Image Sonification for Historical Interpretation

When Mississippi John Hurt’s Head Moved

What Does A Photograph Sound Like?

Sonification & Cultural History

Thinking Through Sound

Gloves Off, Touching History

Podcasting & Sound Analysis

Fishin’ Blues

Tunesmithing History

Spotify Playlists for Historical Analysis

Digitizing Folk Music History Student Showcase (including commentary on student podcast projects)


Going Meta on Metadata (First posted as Digital Historiography & the Archives—Going Meta on Metadata)

Digital Historiography


Digitizing Folk Music History—Reflections 1

Digitizing Folk Music History—Reflections 2

Home Page


Toward a Definition of Digital Public History

Five Hypotheses for Digital History

Digital History Beyond Bells and Whistles

Digital Analysis vs. Communication

Digital History Duet

Algorithms For What?

Data For What?

Cultural Histories of the Atlantic World Reconceptualized Digitally & Interculturally—Notes on the Atlantic World Forum Project

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