2015 May 09—Dance & Dramaturgy

panel on dance & dramaturgy @ high concept labs, 9 may 2015, 11am-3pm.

dance and dramaturgy high concept labs 05/09/15


Cultural Conversations: Dance + Dramaturgy

High Concept Labs (hcl) and Chicago Dancemakers Forum (CDF) partner on a public event about dramaturgy and contemporary dancemaking. CDF and hcl invite creators, dramaturges, performers, students, and audience members, to engage in dialogue about theory and practice of dramaturgy, the choreographic process and the dancing body.

The day is designed to heighten awareness of dramaturgy as a practice for the creation of new dances and to connect artists with one another in an environment conducive to making new friends, stimulating collaborative partnerships and new ways of working. Audience experience is also informed through the programs.

Cultural Conversations: Dance + Dramaturgy
Saturday, May 9
11 AM to 3 PM / FREE

High Concept Labs
2233 S Throop St, Chicago, IL
(inside Mana Contemporary Chicago; entrance on Cermak Rd)

Click here for more information, or register online at Eventbrite.

Participants include: Reggie Wilson and Susan ManningCarrie Hanson and Michael KramerLin HixsonMatthew Goulish and Bryan Saner;  Darrell Jones and Kat Zukaitis; and Lydia Bell and Eiko Otake.

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