Crocus Behometh Strikes Again

america’s “crank prophet” puts the pere ubu into ubu roi.

Andrew Hultkrans has a wonderful review of Pere Ubu henchman David Thomas‘s latest mad work of punk-theater, Bring Me the Head of Ubu Roi.

David Thomas and Sarah Jane Morris as Père and Mère Ubu. Photo: Angell.

Favorite line:

Thinner than in the old days, though still physically imposing, he resembled Rush Limbaugh as a homeless flasher.

There is so much going on in that comparison I don’t know where to start! But forget about starting, I’m glad to follow Hultrans as he follows Thomas, even if they might be taking us off a cliff. Such pratfalls and swan dives have always been there when listening in to David Thomas’s brilliant, disturbing rants and Pere Ubu’s careening mutant-rock.

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