Countercultural Control Data Institute

Creem computer ad - 5-17-16, 4-11 PM

right on! an early moment of counterculture to cyberculture in the back pages of creem magazine, detroit, ca. 1969.

An ad for the Control Data Institute in Creem magazine, circa 1969, reads:

Computer programing? Don’t knock it, if you haven’t tried it!

What’s that you’re thinking…”the mechanical monsters are taking over the world”! Well…why not get on, they can’t do it without you!

At Control Data Institute we’ve got some of the world’s fastest, most advanced equipment. That’s one of the benefits of being owned by a computer manufacturer.

We’ve got instructors that know their stuff…people to help you find a spot in an industry that is traveling fast, when you graduate, and a course of study that’s second to none!

So don’t point fingers at the monsters until you understand what you can do with them. A finger, placed on the right button at the right time, could make you famous.

And speaking of fingers…stick a pencil between yours and direct your hand toward the coupon below. Big brother is waiting!


I think someone went back in time and dropped this ad in for placement in Tom Frank’s The Conquest of Cool and Fred Turner’s From Counterculture to Cyberculture.

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