2014 24-27 April—The Seldoms, Dancing Around Climate Change

the seldoms, exit disclaimer: science and fiction ahead @ marjorie ward marshall dance center & other locations, northwestern university.

The Seldoms Exit Disclaimer 2

I am very excited to bring The Seldoms dance troupe to Northwestern this coming spring (04/24-27/2014, the weekend after Earth Day) to perform their piece, Exit Disclaimer: Science and Fiction Ahead. Exit Disclaimer is a fascinating effort to create issue-based art: it explores the rancorous contemporary political debate over climate change using the body and gesture. Sounds weird, right? It is. But it is precisely its weirdness that is inspiring as an effort to push past rhetorical stalemates to deeper levels of engagement with what we owe each other and what we owe the world in which humans reside. Asking audiences to grapple with the debate over climate change at affective, democratic, interactive, experiential levels through theatrical performance grounded in movement offers new ways of feeling, sensing, thinking, perhaps even reasoning across the sciences, arts, and humanities. I am really looking forward to these performances. We will be offering a series of pre- and post-show panel discussions as well as an enhanced print program for the residency by The Seldoms. Hope to see you there!

The Seldoms Exit Disclaimer




More at www.theseldoms.org.

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