2018 November 09—Ideas Where You Find Them

where is cultural history in the resurgence of intellectual history? roundtable @ 2018 society for united states intellectual history conference, warwick-allerton hotel, chicago, 09 november 2018.

I have the good fortune of providing comments for a panel on cultural history in relation to United States intellectual history at the upcoming USIH Annual Conference.

Ideas Where You Find Them: Where is Cultural History in the Resurgence of Intellectual History? (Roundtable)

Panel 4, Olmsted Room, 4th Floor

Chair: Samuel Zipp, Brown University

Panelists: Kathleen Brown, University of Pennsylvania

Eric Avila, University of California, Los Angeles

Emily Remus, Notre Dame University

James W. Cook, University of Michigan

Comment: Michael Kramer, Middlebury College

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