Janis Joplin @ the 1963 Monterey Folk Festival

the 1967 pop festival was not janis’s first time on stage at monterey, as this image from the berkeley folk music festival collection shows.

Janis Joplin moved from local to national, and indeed international, fame through her performances at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, captured on film in D.A. Pennebaker’s famous documentary about the event. But, it wasn’t her first time performing at Monterey. In this photograph from the Berkeley Folk Music Festival Collection, Janis performs in 1963 at the Monterey Folk Festival. Anyone know who is accompanying her on guitar and bass?

Here is Janis performing that same year, 1963, at the Coffee Gallery in San Francisco.

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  1. Could only find this:

    When she appeared at the 1963 Monterey Folk Festival she created something of a stir. Janis wasn’t a featured performer, but she did sing at the informal hoots on the second stage. Jae (Whitaker, a musician friend) contends that Janis won three hootenanny contests there and tickets to the shows on the major stage. “Everybody just loved her. She won every damn time she got up there and sang. They just went fucking wild. I started to pay attention.”

    Did you ever finish Dylan article on JWH? always felt not written about it.


    from Alice Echols
    Scars of Sweet Paradise

    And now some Typewriter Tape

    1. Nice find from Alice’s book! The Dylan essay comes out next year I believe in a collection from the Bob Dylan Institute (!) and Cambridge University Press.

  2. The mighty Brian Miksis, who produced the Jerry Garcia Before the Dead box set and is working on a documentary film about the Bay Area folk scene, also located some great shots of a young Peter Albin at the 1966 San Francisco Folk Festival, more of the great stuff lurking in the Berkeley Folk Music Festival Collection. We’ll be working on improving the metadata for this material over the coming months and years. Thanks Brian for that ace detective work!

    1. I slso found this: A piece by Richard Farina called “Baez and Dylan: A Generation Singin Out” that includes material about the Festival. The piece is in an anthology called “Long Time Coming A Long Time Gone. The piece was originally printed in Mademoiselle.

      David Hajdu also includes info about the Festival in his book Positively Fourth Street.
      Don’t know how wide a net you’re casting.

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