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#70 - Hollering Back

J'accuse one Gwen Stefani of lame lip-syncing abilities on all televised performances of "(I Ain't No) Hollerback Girl."

But perhaps the lame lip-syncing is what makes Stefani so great. Unlike other bubble-pop divas, she always lets you see how she has to work for perfection.

That is, there's always a little imperfection that ruptures the perfect pop plastic package: a stiletto heel on which it's impossibly hard to keep balance, a smile that's just a touch too forced, a bit of tiredness around the eyes, a body part here or there that seems in rebellion against its skin-tight costume, a hint of boredom in her gaze at the camera.

Is lame lip-sync what gives Gwen her aura?

17 July 2005

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