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#116 - Echolocation #1: Blowing One By You

It comes over the loudspeakers at the gym. One of those one-hit wonders that drops into the mitt of the mind with a crisp pop.

In this case, it's Fastball's "Out of My Head" (real audio clip), a song whose chorus is so catchy, with its melody rising to a flatted-seventh before sinking into your emotional strike zone, that the band realized it was not worth writing more than one opening verse.

That's right. Why think of more dumb lyrics such as "Sometimes I feel that I am drunk behind the wheel / the wheel of possibility / however it may roll" when you can repeat one of the hookiest chorus of the 1990s (the song came out in 1998) three or four times, adding in swells of Hammond B-3 organ, a harmony voice, and general rock-and-roll crescendo for two minutes and twenty-five seconds of pop-rock perfection?

26 October 2005

Note: This is the first of Culture Rover's Echolocation series, featuring songs that shuffle through the ether and lodge themselves in your ear, helping you to determine the distance and direction of the world around you.

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