US History Surveys

  • US History Since 1865
  • US History Since 1893
  • US History Since 1945

Lecture Courses and Seminars

  • US Cultural History, Civil War to the Present
  • US Intellectual History, Civil War to the Present
  • American Studies Introduction
  • US Labor History
  • African-American History
  • US Digital Culture Since World War II: The Computerized Society
  • Popular Culture and American History
  • The Long Sixties
  • American Culture in the World, 1776-2001
  • Capitalism in America
  • Bohemianism in America: What Is Hip?
  • The Anarchist Imagination in America
  • Sound History: Hearing the Past
  • Sensory History: Feeling the Past
  • Citizenship and the Public Sphere in Historical Perspective
  • Cultural Analysis: An Introduction
  • The History of History: Methodologies of Historical Inquiry

Digital Humanities & Digital History

  • Approaching Digital Humanities
  • Approaching Digital History
  • Digitizing Folk Music History
  • Cultural Criticism in the Digital Age

Civic Engagement Courses

  • Community in the United States: The History of a Concept and Practice
  • The Challenge of the Citizen-Scholar: Graduate Student Engagement Opportunities Colloquium

Music and Dance Courses

  • US Popular Music History
  • Digitizing Folk Music History
  • Writing About Dance: A Practicum
  • Writing About Music: A Practicum

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