A Rolling Stone Gathers Moss?

“all the news that fits into the 1967 mythos.”

The news that Jann Wenner and son are selling their stake in Rolling Stone magazine made me think of Greg Shaw’s hilarious Who Put The Bomp! article on the rock press in 1971. Here was a time when there could be a publication of rock criticism about rock criticism (it also published a number of greatest hits pieces such as Lester Bangs’s “James Taylor Marked For Death (What We Need Is a Lot Less Jesus and a Whole Lot More Troggs!)” and some of the essays that would feed into Greil Marcus’s book Mystery Train. It was a clubby affair, a sort of proto-zine for the super hip, but I always loved the cartoons that someone (Shaw himself?) drew of the various types at the different rock magazines, from Rolling Stone to Creem to Crawdaddy! and others.

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